Custom Software Solutions

Santhisoft - Custom Software Solutions

Santhisoft Technologies offers custom software solutions to help our clients meet their specific business needs. Our expertise lies in clearly perceiving the business goals of our customers, choosing the most appropriate technology and efficiently designing and developing solutions that cater to the business needs identified. We build custom solutions for all business types. Our service ensures you quality, consistency and timely delivery within your budget.

We undertake software projects as a fully managed end-to-end service and deliver them within schedules and budgets agreed upon with the client. The application development services provided by KTS span the entire project life cycle from requirements analysis, design, development, testing, integration, delivery, and implementation to after-sales support.

We have vast experience in application development with a number of project life cycle models. The project life cycle models generally used are the Waterfall Model, the Iterative Model like the Rational Unified Process and the Rapid Application Development Model. The life cycle model and stages adopted for the particular application development depend on the size and scope of the project and the risks associated with it.

In the increasingly competitive global business scenario, the consequence of rapidly emerging technology affects business decisions significantly. It is important that the technologies applied in IT projects deliver tangible strategic and competitive advantages. We understand this and help clients choose the appropriate technology to enhance the value of their IT investments through a wide range of technology consultancy services. Our Technology Consulting Division combines the technical brilliance of a group of highly motivated and talented group of consultants with rich experience in the IT industry.

Santhisoft Technologies offers consulting on technology domains ranging from Legacy Systems to cutting-edge technologies on diverse software and hardware platforms. The various areas in which we provide technology consulting are:

  • Software architecture analysis & evaluation.
  • Creation of application frameworks.
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) consulting/design review.
  • Database applications.
  • Embedded system and Robotics technologies.
  • Networking and Network Management Softwares.
  • Windows and Linux device drivers.
  • E Commerce solutions.
  • Software performance evaluation and re-engineering.
  • Deployment consulting.
  • Web services.
  • Proof of concept prototyping.
  • Evaluation of new tools/technologies
  • Testing methodologies and evaluation.
  • Internet / Intranet solutions.
  • Database solutions.
  • Enterprise application integration.